A Message from our Inspiration, Mentor and Guide

There comes a time in the life of every student where correct choices and decisions will enable him or her to achieve glorious success in their lives.
We believe that every child has an infinite inherent potential. Even an average child can achieve a tremendous result by following few simple success principles like:

  1. Judicious, careful and effective use of his or her time.
  2. Taking regular feedbacks in a positive manner and changing himself or herself accordingly.
  3. Destiny is product of our choices, thus by opting for better choices we change our destiny.
  4. Try to understand the fundamentals rather than simply cramming the topic.
  5. Forming a discussion group of students.
  6. Self control and discipline for fun and amusement distractions like television, internet and video games. 
  7. Understanding the difference between smart, planned, effective study and unplanned hard work.
  8. Taking advice from experienced teachers and successful senior students for planning the strategy.
dr ravi malik director harvin academy

Dr. Ravi Malik

HARVIN ACADEMY will not only empower the students with academic abilities but will also empower them with other techniques which will help them to crack the competition. This will include memory enhancement classes, practical training classes, time management techniques, planning practicals, effective and priority methodology and guidelines on how to attempt multiple choice questions. Besides these, we have also introduced innovations in our teaching with the use of audio-visual techniques and virtual reality presentation.

We organise regular parent-teacher meetings, education fairs and interaction with successful students who have cleared the prestigious competitions and are in AIIMS or MAMC. We would go the extra mile not only to effectively teach the students in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths but also to empower them with competition cracking skills. 

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