Teaching Methodology

Many studies, conducted worldwide, have concluded that the average retention rates of subject matter improves dramatically if conventional methods of learning like attending lectures and reading books are complemented by audio-visual aids, formation of discussion groups and by teaching others.

HARVIN ACADEMY has modeled its teaching methodology in consonance with the latest trends worldwide. We have technology equipped classrooms where audio-visual aids are used to impart knowledge to the students. The academic environment at HARVIN is of healthy competition. We encourage formation of discussion groups amongst our students and they are allowed to use our Group Discussion Rooms to hold discussions amongst themselves.
HARVIN ACADEMY has an online lab with multiple workstations available for students. Students are provided plenty of videos, audio-lectures and online tests at this platform.

We are developing an App for Android and iOS which will be launched very soon.




We have come up with this concept of mentor board. We have this idea of developing teams of already successful students from NEET / AIIMS etc. We would dedicate a mentor to a 10 student team. These mentors would monitor the students and track their academics.As they are of the same age, students will be comfortable sharing more with their mentors.


OMR scanner that ensures that the results are promptly given within 24 hours of the conduction of the test. Students get appraised of their performance with micro-analysis of their attempt of the paper. Students are encouraged to give their feedback in personal interviews with the faculty based on which individual doubt clearing sessions/tutorials are planned to help them to clear the NEET / AIIMS etc.


We believe that confidence comes by small successes. We will develop confidence in students by helping them achieve best result at school tests and exams. We also believe that Board Exams have a lot of value, thus we make sure that students cover entire ncert books and train them in subjective formats of testing as well.